Luckily the Typhoon Ampil did not bring a lot of storms to Hangzhou city. We are glad that thousands of attendees made Hangzhou Mini Maker Faire last weekend. Surprisingly we had the exhibitors and attendees from Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Henan, Gansu, Shanghai, Taiwan, Jiangsu, Japan, Singapore, United States, etc. different places in China and around the world.

Hands on activities

Over thirty hands-on activities such as Tapigami art, R2-D2 building, silk umbrella painting, light-up masks, big face, robot fortune teller, 3D pen art, drone testing were organized in maker exhibit / workshop area.


The programmable Lego Millennium Falcon

The Morpx hardware team added MU vision sensor, motors, and LED lights in the Falcon and the MU Bot app can be used to change the color of the LEDs, and move the antennas of the Falcon.


Robot dog

The robot dog team of Zhejiang University showed the visitors the famous Jueying. Besides the robot dog, there are over 10 other maker projects in the Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Exhibit Hall. Many thanks to the team for bringing kids who were exhibiting in Hangzhou Mini Maker Faire from Henan province.


Maker Forum

A panel discussion was introduced to the maker forum for the first time. The maker faire producers from Maker Faire Xi’an, Maker Faire Shenzhen, Hangzhou Mini Maker Faire, Maker Faire Singapore shared their maker faire experiences with the audiences.


Maker Space Tour

We would also like to thank our partners, the Zhejiang University Bus Tour team, M.Y.Lab, West Lake Maker Space, STEAM Workshop, and Fablab Hangzhou for the fun maker space tour trip on July 22nd.


Special thanks to our generous sponsors Morpx Inc, MakerNet, Maker Media, Intellifusion, and Yangtze Delta High-Tech City for your support!

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Original article:

The second Hangzhou Mini Maker Faire will be held at beautiful Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University on July 21st, 2018. The latest technologies, the traditional arts and many maker projects will be presented.

The main venue, indoor stadium of Zhejiang University

In addition to maker exhibits, maker forum, maker performances, maker workshops, (which are all traditional parts of a maker faire), a week of Learning, a maker dinner and a maker space tour are organized.

Our Schedule

We are excited to announce one of our official videos with the help of two 10 year-old young makers. Thank you to all our volunteers in Sunnyvale, CA and Hangzhou, China who helped build the Lego millennium falcon.


Exhibit / Workshop highlights:


Jueying – Robot Dog

Jueying is a 1-meter-long quadruped robot dog developed by Zhejiang University. The robot can jump, climb ladders, squat and stand up. It is also capable of quickly reacting when it loses its balance. Jueying will be showed at the Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Exhibit Hall in Hangzhou Mini Maker Faire 2018.

Robot Music Band

The robot band consists of five humanoid robots, from 40 cm to 80 cm of height. Four of them play the electronic drums, two metallophones, and bells. (The unique drum set is made of acrylic.) One of them is a singer with voice synthesis.


MU MoonBot, the second generation of the popular MU SpaceBot, is a 3-in-1 DIY robot kit with much improved AI. Kids can learn STEAM skills with creatively designing, building, and programming the MoonBot. This kit won the CES Asia Innovation Award in 2018.

West Lake Silk Umbrella

West Lake Silk Umbrella is one of Hangzhou unique handcrafts, whose canopy is designed of the image of “three pools mirroring the moon”, is made from bamboo and silk. It enjoys local features of South of the Yangtze River with modeling of the head of umbrella, the threading of the umbrella bucket and the profiling of the umbrella hasp. It requires 18 exquisite and accurate manufacture procedures, and has been ranked in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2008.

Hand Embroidery

According to the history records, when the Southern Song Dynasty moved the capital to Hangzhou (in the 12th century), Hangzhou embroidery already has a high level. The artists from Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum will exhibit their hand embroidery projects and offer some hands-on activities.

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Finally thank you to our sponsors Morpx Inc, MakerNet, Maker Media, Intellifusion, and Yangtze Delta High-Tech City for their generous support.

Look forward to seeing you in Hangzhou Mini Maker faire!

Hangzhou Mini Maker Faire Fun Zone will be located at Zone 3. Hope to meet you there!

Hangzhou, which is long known as the city in heaven, will host its first Hangzhou Mini Maker Faire produced by Morpx , Hangzhou Binjiang Library and MakerNet. This is the first Maker Faire which is held in a public library in China. We hope people in Hangzhou can have a great opportunity to share their maker projects and enjoy the maker culture.

The Entrance to the Maker Culture

Two giant red Makey robots are attracting over 10,000 attendees around Hangzhou city.

During the Maker Faire, we will provide over 20 fun workshops. Kids, parents, makers can participate in a variety of fun DIY activities such as 3D printing art, soldering, robot building, programming, traditional art and crafts, etc. Let’s talk a look at three of them.

Learn to Solder
A tradition of Maker Faire, Hangzhou Mini Maker Faire 2017 team designed two unique soldering kits. Makers of all ages are welcome to practice their soldering skills.

AI enabled educational robot building – MU SpaceBot

By putting together 54 parts (made of mostly wood), children will get a fulfilling experience of creating experience of creating a cute and smart robot of their own, getting familiar with the Maker and DIY culture.
Once complete, MU SpaceBot can talk, follow and even play hide and seek with you using advanced vision AI technology. Children can also design their own SpaceBot voice by the recording from the MU Bot app.

3D Printing Art
With the advanced 3D Printing technology, the four local companies will show their 3D Printing Art projects, and all the attendees are welcome to create their own 3D printing art project during the Maker Faire.

Maker Forum
Our Maker Forum’s topics will include AI, Maker Education, Make Culture, Maker Space in libraries. Our keynote speakers are:

(1) Tianli Yu, founder and CEO of Morpx Inc, producer of Hangzhou Mini Maker Faire
(2) Kevin Lau: founder and CEO of MakerNet, founding producer at Maker Faire Xi’an, former CEO and Co-Founder at Chaihuo Maker Space
(3) Camilo Parra Palacio: Toy & Industrial Designer, the creator of open source educational robot OTTO DIY.
(4) Shuqing Zhu: president of Hangzhou Public Library
(5) Lvzhou chen: founder of Arduino Chinese Forum

FIRST 2018 Challenge
Hangzhou Mini Maker Faire works with Semia , the Official LEGO® Education partner, authorized exclusive school distributor in China, Hong Kong and Macau to introduce the 2018 FLL Jr, FLL, FTC, FRC challenge to the teams in Hangzhou area. This is the first time a Maker Faire in China partnered with FIRST .

West Lake Drawing Contest
What does West Lake look like in the future? The kids in Hangzhou use their paint brushes to show their imaginations. (Organized by

Local Crafts
Kids and adults will have opportunities to learn craft skills and participate in fun activities offered by the local makers recommended by weidian.

Maker Shop
Maker Faire fans will find their favorite Maker Faire goodies. T-Shirts, bags, cell phone covers, necklaces, pins, and soldering kits.

Welcome to Hangzhou Mini Maker Faire on September 16-17, 2017! Hope to see you there and enjoy the maker culture in Hangzhou!